Meredith CarrollSponsorship Manager

    I believe in taking small steps to try and live a more sustainable lifestyle; they’ll start to add up and make a difference! For example, I try to reduce my waste output by composting, using a reusable water bottle, bringing my own mug to the coffee shop, shopping local when possible and renting books from the library instead of purchasing new copies (I read a lot so this is bigger than it sounds!).



    What is your favorite way to connect with the ocean?

    Through sport, but which type depends on the weather — if it’s windy: sailing, if it’s not: stand-up paddle boarding, if there’s swell: surfing!

    If you were a marine animal what would you be?

    An Orca Whale for a few reasons: 1. They are majestic swimmers 2. They’re at the top of the food chain so they don’t have to stress out about being eaten all the time 3. They’re social! I’d prefer to be a part of a pod rather than swimming around on my own.

    How did you get into sailing?

    I used to work in banking in New York City but decided life’s too short to spend most of your time doing something you’re not passionate about.

    What is your greatest sailing accomplishment?

    Definitely when Aussie Americas Cup legend John Bertrand said “good on ya, mate” to me after I exceeded his expectations in a regatta we both competed at (I had the oldest looking boat and was the youngest driver)!

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