James O’MahonyBoat Captain

    I live a more sustainable lifestyle by using reusable water bottles, my own cup at coffee shops, and being more aware of the packaging on products while shopping. I encourage others to recycle more and use less plastic and single-use items. Always refuse the straw!



    The Ocean Race experience:

    2014-15 Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing

    2017-18 Vestas 11th Hour Racing

    What is your favorite way to connect with the ocean?

    Scuba Diving

    If you were a marine animal what would you be?

    Dolphin – because a Buzzfeed quiz told me so.

    Share a fun fact about you and sailing:

    I have a Master of Engineering in Yacht and Small Craft Design from Southampton University. I first stepped foot in a sailing boat when I was 16 on a school trip.

    Find James on Instagram – @james.irish