James HarwoodSustainability Intern

    Sustainability is a mindset that we should all be applying to our everyday actions. It should not be viewed as a hindrance, but as a tool to progress our work and lives in both the short- and long-term.


    Great Britain

    The Ocean Race experience:

    This is James’ first campaign.

    What is your favorite way to connect with the ocean?

    Walking on the beach and along coastal paths.

    If you were a marine animal what would you be?

    Orca – they travel around the world and look awesome.

    Share a fun fact about you and sailing:

    I never properly entered the sailing world until this project in 2019 with the internship. Living in Brittany, France means that I’ve always been close to the sea, so I have been hiking on the coastal paths, gone swimming and visited local islands while admiring the views and the wildlife to connect with nature.

    Find James on Instagram – @james_hwd