Amory RossContent Director & Media Crewmember

    Sustainability = being aware of the impact your actions have on the health of this planet and doing what you can to minimize or eliminate those actions.



    The Ocean Race experience:

    2011-12 Puma Ocean Racing

    2014-15 Team Alvimedica

    2017-18 Vestas 11th Hour Racing, Leg 4

    What is your favorite way to connect with the ocean?

    Going offshore, immersed in the midst of expanse

    If you were a marine animal what would you be?

    Great White Shark – top of the food chain and totally mysterious.

    Share a fun fact about you and sailing:

    My graduation plaque I had to carve for high school (2002) was of a Volvo 60, a boat that also included a few sailors from my first lap (2011). Destiny!

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