Team Sustainability Program

11th Hour Racing Team’s mission is to win The Ocean Race 2022-23 with sustainability at the core of all team operations, inspiring positive action among sailing and coastal communities, and global sports fans to create long-lasting change for ocean health. We will accelerate change through sporting excellence in sailing, ocean advocacy, and sustainable innovation.

Throughout the campaign the team will focus on core sustainability targets, including:

  • Being advocates for the ocean
  • Driving towards zero waste
  • Refusing single-use plastics
  • Being water neutral
  • Going climate positive
  • Creating positive social impact

Guiding Principles



Be leaders, advocating for ocean health, climate action and sustainability with the industry, communities and fan base.

  • Create Ambassadors
    Foster an inclusive team of diverse, motivated and informed leaders in sustainability.
  • Influence Peers
    Provide an exemplary model of sustainability leadership and ethical management.
  • Inspire Fans and Followers
    Inspire action among global sports fans and communities to restore the health of our oceans.


Collaborate with partners to create sustainable solutions, minimizing the environmental footprint across spheres of influence, including going zero waste and implementing a ban on single-use plastics.

  • Foster Strategic Partnerships
    Foster partnerships based on systematic adoption of sustainable standards
  • Influence Supply Chains
    Positively influence the marine industry supply chain.
  • Implement Sustainable Operations
    Apply bestpractices to reduce environmental footprints across all areas of operation


Leave a lasting legacy by inspiring others to make changes β€” one degree at a time β€” including a community outreach program, internships and grant-giving.

  • Invest in Community Outreach
    Develop a legacy grant program as part of a wider outreach strategy promoting ocean health and sustainable communities.
  • Develop and Train
    Provide an exemplary model of sustainability leadership and ethical management.
  • Communicate and Inform
    Champion transparent reporting, sharing of challenges and successes, and guiding future policy to promote long term planning around sustainability.


Develop innovative solutions to responsibly manage resources, applying circular economy principles to material needs, as well as reducing water and climate footprints, and becoming water neutral and climate positive.

  • Embed Circular Economy Principles
    Apply innovative solutions across team operations through the application of circular economy principles
  • Transform Manufacturing
    Employ a sustainable design and boat build process particularly with regards to resource management, production, and end of life options
  • Implement Life Cycle Assessment
    Apply to production processes to inform sustainable choices.


Looking to lead a more future-friendly lifestyle or be an advocate for ocean health within your own organization or community? Use these tools to get started and watch this space for more resources from the team, including a “how to” series for creating a sustainability program.